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The links are connecting web pages on teh internaet and allow you to visit other websites or view images and much more.

The links are also known as Hyperlinks. You can understand the presence of a link when you hover over an element and the pointer turns into a hand pointer.

To create a link (url) you must insert it inside the href attribute. Between the opening and closing tags you can insert the text or any other element you want to wrap around.

A line of text where a link is embedded turns blue by default. An image with a link embedded turns the pointer to a small hand when hovered over.

The syntax of a link:

    <!-- The syntax of a link -->
<a href="url">Some text</a>
<!-- A working link -->
<a href="https://www.codingforbeginners.net/">Codingforbeginners.net</a>

The result: