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Why Javascript?

JavaScript is a programming language used primarily for creating dynamic and interactive web pages. It is a client-side language, meaning that it is executed on the user's browser and not on the server.

JavaScript is essential for modern web development: JavaScript is a crucial technology for modern web development because it enables the creation of dynamic and interactive web pages that can respond to user actions in real-time. Without JavaScript, web pages would be static and limited in their functionality.

Basic JavaScript involves working with variables, operators, and functions. Variables are used to store data, while operators are used to perform mathematical or logical operations on that data. Functions are used to encapsulate a set of instructions that can be executed multiple times.

With our crash course we will teach you everything you need to build your first interactive web page!

JavaScript also provides a way to interact with the HTML document through the Document Object Model (DOM). With the DOM, you can access and manipulate HTML elements such as forms, buttons, and text. Make the first step. It's Easy!